Our Team

Av. Burcu Orhan: LLB

Founding Partner / Attorney at Law

Location: London, Head office

Burcu graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Law in 1999. She was admitted to Izmir Bar in 2000. Having worked at an international law firm for 3 years in Izmir, in 2003 she decided to come to the UK to complete her LLM in International Comparative Commercial Law. In 2005 she started working as a Turkish law consultant / Turkish lawyer to city firms. Now managing director of LLI, she is responsible for the firm’s over 2000 clients in the property, mining, commercial and corporate sectors. She is also a successful litigation lawyer and attends hearings in Turkey on behalf of clients. Having practiced Turkish law both in Turkey and the UK, Burcu is highly experienced in overseeing legal matters from both jurisdictions.

Favourite quote:
“Without integrity nothing works”

Murat Yilmaz

Attorney at Law

Location: Izmir, Turkey

Murat Yilmaz is one of our senior lawyers here at LLI. He has been with us for 7 years. He completed his law degree at Cankaya University in 2009 after earning a full scholarship. He was at top 1% of his faculty.

Murat is a powerful and a hard working lawyer. He is trained as a litigation lawyer but he handles our clients’ corporate matters as well. He is solution oriented and his main aim is always to avoid litigation where he can, hence his files have a high rate of settlement and/or quick completion. Murat has high work ethic, he would work on a public holiday just to finish a job he has started even though we tell him not to, he does not believe in leaving a case or report half way this is what inspires us most about Murat.

Murat’s strengths:
Litigation, strong client relationships, integrity

Ezgi Aydemir

Client Relationship Manager

Location: London, Head office

Ezgi has been with our firm for 5 years, she runs our Turkish operations from our London office. Ezgi is the main contact for our clients and she builds excellent relationships with LLI clients. As well as dealing with our clients, she is also accountable for our team’s performance, she keeps a track of all lawyers’ performance and how they take care of their clients. Ezgi also works closely with the firm’s accountants, trains our paralegals, and drafts/issues documents both in English and Turkish. With her strong communication skills and good understanding of Turkish Law, reliable and hardworking personality, we are not exaggerating when we say we would be lost without her .

Ezgi’ s expertise areas:
Communication, Relationships, Integrity, Strategy

Ilknur Kuru

Location: London, Head office

Ilknur first worked with us during her student years at university when she was sent to London as a part of Erasmus scheme, we loved having her so much at the time that we told her to come back and work with us after completing her law degree. 3 years later she was back to UK and started working with us. She is our junior lawyer and handles most of our open cases under supervision of one of our senior lawyers. She is very intelligent and no matter what the client issue is she finds a way to handle the issue, find a solution. We are so happy she is the calmest team member we have, at times of manic busy periods or deadlines approaching her calmness make a real difference to all of us.  Ilknur completed her Law degree at Kadir Has University in 2015, Faculty of Law. She then started her LLM on her International Commercial Law at City of University London in 2015.

Ilknur has good experience with translating from Turkish to English languages. She deals with the conveyancing, family law, inheritance law and litigation at the firm.  

Ilknur’s strengths:
Being organised, reliable, solutiuon oriented and out of the box thinking